Blog - Growing through Adversity



Growing Through Adversity Game Plan:
Finding the opportunities within the situation

In our sport(s) there is often adversity, whether it be the challenges of an injury and being sidelined, the disappointing outcome of a competition results that are not in line with the plan, or unexpected events that impact our success. In life, as we have learned through this pandemic, there are similarities to sports. As we develop awareness, we can use it to help change, improve, and persevere. We can reflect on what is happening, determine what we would like to have happen, see the possibilities and opportunities in the situation, and develop an action plan to make it a reality. This experience can enable us to learn and grow as players, family/community members, leaders, and teammates. To do so, we need to be intentional about looking for the opportunities, align them with our values, so that we consciously choose the best action plan going forward.
Listen to this session which offers concepts and tools to help you do just that and ultimately grow through adversity.