Mary Fineis

Life, Leadership & Sports Performance Coach

Mary Fineis is a certified professional life coach and sports performance coach. She is the founder and president of Game Changer Coaching, LLC. Mary works closely with individuals, teams, and parents at various levels from elementary school through college and beyond to enable the client to become the best version of their authentic self, execute their own personal success formula to reach goals, and develop a mindset that leads to improvement and enjoyment every day. Coach Mary’s focus is to help each and every client reach their goals and become their best self.  

Mary’s background is filled with athletic, business, and coaching experience. She offers a unique skill set and passion for “the game of life,” and helps individuals understand that their potential is endless. Coach Mary trains her clients on techniques and provides them tools to fully realize and achieve their goals. Her objective is to make a positive, game-changing difference with each and every client while providing a process with which to examine who the client ideally wants to be, where they want to go, and how to get there.    

Mary has been playing and loving individual and team sports from a very young age. She has the experience of being the athlete, the coach, and the parent of athletes. And she has been a leader throughout her life in sports, community and business. When asked, why do you do what you do? Coach Mary’s reply is, “I love coaching, sports and the relationships along the way. I have had mentors, leaders, coaches, family, friends and role models that have made a difference in my life. This is my way of carrying the torch and sharing it with others. I am thankful and blessed, and most importantly I want to make a difference in others' lives.” Her approach is to work as a team with the student-athlete and parent(s) to learn and grow, and enable the client’s hopes and dreams to be realized throughout the journey.

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