Are you a parent of a student athlete or a student athlete who would love to:  

  • Perform to potential
  • Be confident
  • Know how to handle stress
  • Get better every day
  • See adversity as an opportunity, and 
  • Enjoy your sport

My name is Mary Fineis, and I am a Life, Leadership and Sports Performance Coach. I work closely with student athletes and their parents at various levels from elementary school through college and beyond to:  

  • Enable them to become the best version of their authentic self
  • Execute their own personal success formula to reach goals, and 
  • Develop a mindset that leads to improvement and enjoyment every day   

If this sounds like what you want in your sport and life, or what your student athlete wants, let’s schedule a Chalk Talk to discuss your dreams and goals, and what is holding you back from your personal best and success. We can then begin the process of developing a Game Plan and Success Road Map. The transformation that will take place results in authenticity, confidence, passion, peak performance, and perseverance, as well as developing a positive, character-focused, goal-oriented and vision-driven student athlete.

Complimentary Session

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